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MARTIN G. SCHEUFLER Liquid Synthetic Resins
 ARIHEART Distributing

Product Details

Adhesives and Bonding Pastes

   A series of adhesives, or bonding pastes, with truly unusual consistency and exceptional quality are available from the MGS line. They are designed for various maximum operating temperatures as well as various degrees of gap filling properties. All bonding pastes exhibit low viscosity but high thixotropy which gives them a soft whipped cream consistency that will not sag on vertical surfaces or flow out of thick bond lines. Yet, the mixture is soft and is easily compressed for excellent squeeze out. During squeeze out there is no tendency for the fillers to separate from the resin and a consistent, high quality bond is achievable every time.

   The strength of a bond depends on:

  • Design
  • Strength of Substrate
  • Strength of the Adhesive
  • Flexibility of the Adhesive Bond Line

   The MGS line of adhesives has excellent strength and elongation properties, which allow for the fabrication of stronger joints. The flexibility of the cured paste tends to reduce stress concentrations around the bond line, thereby permitting higher loads to be transferred into the substrates before failure is experienced.

Laminating Resin L135 K2 Least Thixotropic
Laminating Resin L135 K3
Laminating Resin L135 K4 Most Thixotropic
Hardener H136 K3 Slow
Hardener H134 K3 Fast