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MARTIN G. SCHEUFLER Liquid Synthetic Resins
 ARIHEART Distributing

Product Details

Laminating System 135

   This is a competitively priced high performance system intended for the production of very large composite structures. Super yachts and 150 foot diameter wind turbines are typical applications for this resins system. A variety of hardener blends that permit working lives to range from twenty minutes to twenty hours make this system very flexible. Very thick laminates can be produced through hand layup or infusion without the risk of exotherming or premature curing. The system is available in "standard", "low viscosity" (Lv), as well as in the "infusion" (i) versions.

Laminating Resin   L135
Hardener H133 Very Fast
Hardener H134
Hardener H135
Hardener H136
Hardener H137
Hardener H138 Very Slow

   Various speed hardeners are available from the supplier individually. They may also be blended by the fabricator, just prior to use, by mixing the appropriate quantities of fast and slow hardeners.