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About Airheart Distributing
Established - Dec 1997

   This branch of Airheart was established primarily for the distribution of synthetic resin products manufactured by Martin G. Scheufler of Germany. Airheart Distributing is the exclusive North American distributor of these quality products, with epoxy resins comprising the bulk of sales. Airheart maintains a warehouse in Hamilton Ontario, from where it ships fresh materials via overland freight throughout the North American continent. Airheart's mandate also includes providing limited technical support to its clients, in as much as product selection, manufacturing processes and various processing techniques are concerned.

   Since January of 1998, the company's customer base has grown to include both major manufacturers as well as amateur builders of aircraft. Manufacturers who require special certified products are supplied with the appropriate C of C's in compliance with their QA mandates. In addition to servicing the aircraft industry, Airheart supplies in large volumes to the wind turbine and marine industries.

   For a listing of the most commonly stocked products, please click on Products in the navigation bar at the left side of the screen. In addition to these stocked items, Airheart Distributing handles the entire line of MGS products on a "special order" basis. For a complete prospectus of MGS materials, please consult the MGS website directly.

   Airheart ships primarily to its distributors, retailers, and larger manufacturers. Direct sales to end users are infrequent and are made mainly in bulk quantities. Prospective customers should contact the company for pricing and further information.

   In the United States, Aircraft Spruce and Specialty and Wicks Aircraft Supply are the main sources of MGS resins for amateur aircraft builders. In Canada, Fiberglass Factory Outlet of Mississauga Ontario provides a similar service. For the modeling industry, Composite Structures Technology is the primary outlet. All of these suppliers maintain their own price schedules.